Thursday, January 7, 2010

What a day! Already...

So my hubby joined a swingers club...I said, check it out... let see if he really means it of if he is just pushing my buttons...LOL. Today was my day to volunteer in my daughters kindergarten room. It was fun! I helped the kids paint a penguin. If someone said tomorrow you are going to paint 30 penguins with 5 year olds...I would say, "What that is too hard!" But with a couple of shapes (who knew!) you can easily draw one. So now I want to buy some paints and brushes for the kids and I (remembered how much fun painting is!).

So on Thursdays there is another dad that volunteers... we will call him SAHD for short (stay at home dad). He's cool. Today was no one point I overheard him networking with a five year old, stating that he worked on a project with that company at one time...the five year old was like oh... and he said, "no really I did..." It was hilarious! Nice try SAHD! See its hard when the only people you get to talk to are 5.

Well...just wanted to post that real fast. Hope your day is going well. Mine is! After school we are going to a park date to ride bikes.


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