Thursday, January 7, 2010

Something just occured to me...

I was just opening up the value coupon envelope and in it was an ad for liposuction. They had two pics, a before and an after. The before was to be as expected...fat, jiggly, white, cellulite and yucky. =) Sounds like something I've seen before LOL... and the after photo was of a fat, jiggly, white, cellulity woman. She went from 42" to 38" waist. That's it? That's the best results they had to promote their business? What's sadder is the fact that we will spend $1000's of dollars on liposuction to just help us shed a couple of pounds...when there are staving people in this world...even in America. I mean...really... we have overindulged in crappy food...made ourselves fat! and now we need the quick fix...with no hard work involved. We spend even more of our precious money to have it sucked out...and probably don't learn our lesson...back up in pounds and probably fatter by the next year. What a slap in the face for starving people of the world. WE ARE GLUTTONS! LOL... but I sure do love my Jack in the Box with Ranch! AND a Diet Coke... addicted nation!

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