Tuesday, January 5, 2010

What are some of your personas?

Something occured to me right now. Just to be honest. I do have a "normal" twitter account for my friends and family "filter" but this blog and twitter account is for my true self persona. I'm gonna try it on for size. Do you find yourself putting off different images on different sites? Blogs, etsy, CL, ebay, Message Boards, Members only sites, social networking and so on. Just writing those couple of ideas I can already see who I am to each of those sites:

Blogs: I have a few and each one tells an aspect of who I am... soul searcher, mother, wife, dieter, muse, seller of things, deal finder, silly, feeling down, inspired...all aspects of the Harmony.

Selling accounts Half.com, Ebay, Etsy...: what you are interested in...or how well you know the market. Strong, Aggressive, High Customer satisfaction, social responsibility and honesty.

Craigslist...do you lurk on the free page...ready to nab the next item with your sob story. Or do you frequent the Rants and Raves and spout hate on the page? or are you hoping and wishing that by some weird cosmic chance : Missed connections could actually work... that page, is for the dreamers...there is something for everyone.

So who are you on the web... how does it change and why?

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