Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Hey...Welcome! This is my first time here on this page too!

So it has been decided. I am finally ready to realize my destiny and become a writer. It's hard for me to think of myself in that way... When you are a writer...you are exposed. You write about Truth, Beauty, Love and what's the other thing...dang! Ah...yes...HARMONY! You have to be ready for people to ridicule, attack, judge or twist the truth... but that is the side that stops us in our tracks trying to fufill our destiny. Resist those negative thoughts...they don't even exist yet! We must also remember that Energy is neither created nor destroyed, it's either endothermic or exothermic... matter is always following a pattern of usuablity. We must trust that the other side of the spectrum is valid and true. And that we know on the positive side... people could also, cry, laugh, smile, heal, be happy, enjoy, share with other, support, start a dialogue and evolve from there. I am choosing to focus on the positive aspects of writing and just do it! Stop talking about it!

"When you ought you must"...is what my Mom drilled into me! When I think of women writers, I think of women wearing smart tailored skirt suits, walking with a Starbucks and Blackberry in one hand and her briefcase in the other. Hustling off to her big city high rise office where she sits and eats cookies while typing away. The office is kinda noisy but the good kind of noisy... where everyone is excited on what they are working on. There is a sense of pride on their floor because they are writers! Smart, elloquient, risk takers, witty, uncovering stories or uplifting others through their weekly column. This I know, is not how most "writers" operate...but it sure sounds amazing!

I'd say, "Steve, can you track down that woman I met at Starbucks yesterday to set up an interview about her experience? Apparently she thinks they are deliberately adding real sugar instead of the splenda she has been asking for. She is not sure if its a conspiracy because she says she tries to leave a dollar in the tip jar often..."

That's a real story. I think people are so....what's the word...like ummmm.... they act... abused. We as a collective society have been hurt in some ways...and in not dwelling on the past which we cannot change... we are guarded... we have our walls up at all times... taught don't talk to anyone, don't engage anyone in conversation... how will you respond, what will they say... what if I don't know what to say, or if I say the wrong thing... oh... this social interaction with a fellow community member is so hard! I will just look at up at the ceiling beams, they won't stop to talk to me then.

We put ourselves through so much unnecessary torment when we let fear take over our thoughts and feelings.

Great example... and my @Hubby will love that he gets a mention but we were driving to pick up the two oldest from school...he has two options for left turning lane...and he knowingly goes next to a womans' car who I have talked with on playdates...it's not that I am trying to be antisocial... I just GET NERVOUS! I don't feel pretty enough... is my hair brushed?...what am I wearing? what shoes do I have on...? etc etc. I am insecure when it comes to being comfortable in my own skin at my kids' school . These women...look great...thin, athletic, nicely dressed, hair did, nails did, makeup on!, jewelry: bling bling!, shoes clean and stylish...workout outfits that are actually sweaty from playing tennis...or working out. Novel Idea! These women are impressive. The energy they put into their appearance is enough to give them the confidence to pull up along side another person and smile. So.... in theory then I cause my own misery...felling ugly, not put together, I can't feel comfortable without putting in some more ENERGY! Ahhh...what you put it...you get out...what the heck...what is this... The Karate Kid? LOL!

Nice meeting you! See...I'm Social!


  1. Karate Kid... ha!

  2. thanks for stopping by...hope you enjoyed the blog...added more stories...check it out! http://cliffwwwww.blogspot.com


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