Friday, January 8, 2010

We did something right by our!

Hi all! How was everyone's day? Mine started off rough... today was crazy hair day at #1 and #2's school. #2 also got to wear her pajamas! NICE! No outfit to find ;)... sadly... I had to put pj's on her. She hates wearing clothes and hates blankets when she sleeps...what a nudist! Decided the fastest, cutest and easiest way to do her hair was tiny braids all I worked away at that while hubby glued #1's hair strait up into a cool mohawk! He has skater/surfer it was the perfect length! We did pretty good on time until we were piling out of the van and I realized the backpacks that I gave hubby to put in the car were MIA...Now we needed to go back home and come back...Ahhhhh! But on a high note... as I went with my son to his line...his classmates and teacher in unison...screamed, "Wow!" #1 was a pretty happy boy right there.
#2 was worried that her new cute pink christmas Spongebob pj's would be a. too babyish b. out of season...when I cruised by her class to check out her morning...she smiled back to me with thumbs up! =)

Yes! We did something right! Yahoooooo!

Later I went to each of their classrooms to give them their lunch money and backpacks... #1 jumped up smiling...said everyone loves his hair...and that he loved me... and #2 was making pancakes (five year olds) on a flat griddle with a room mom...(Hey room mom, thanks for doing that with my kid!) She couldn't have been happier!

As I walked away...two years of worrying that I put them in the wrong school...evaporated... and I knew that we were blessed to be there. Thank you for that blessing!

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